What a few months

Social distancing, yes.  Emotional distancing, maybe not so much… 
What a few months it has been in light of this pandemic. As we have all cared for one another by staying home and taking the pandemic day-by-day – each and everyone’s circumstances are individual. As we attempt to enter into the public and our workspaces much dispute seems to be circulating on how this should look. 
We have cared for one another by staying home, a selfless act while caring for ourselves and our families at the same time. As the timelines shift and routines are disrupted, many find themselves anxious about where to even begin. It is important to remember during this time that emotional distancing was never a part of the order.
So many have suffered and even paid the ultimate price. With a heavy heart I offer my condolences to those affected in so many small and grand ways. Our hope during this time is that we continue, now more than ever, to focus on healing together. We can respect our neighbors, local businesses, and associates, and continue to support our communities as we all attempt to uplift the economy along with our daily experiences.  
During these troubling times I am committed to my community by continuing in business operations. Our ultimate goal is to assist all of you in your unique situations; whether you are in need of buying a home or in need of placing your current home on the market. We are ready and able to provide excellent customer service, exercise all necessary safety precautions, and respectable business practices in an effort to help you achieve your goals and hopefully, in the end, your dreams.

katie bawden

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