Spring is in the air

Does anyone else feel spring in the air? We certainly do! So we are making our spring cleaning list and checking it twice. Our team is soooooo ready for spring, and getting ready for spring and summer is just as much a part of the excitement.

We’ve made a little cleaning list from our home to yours. We hope you enjoy it!

1. Prep your flower beds and garden area. Are there some plants or flowers that you could start inside? Do you have an empty egg carton and cookie sheet? If you answered yes to both of these questions we recommend placing some dirt in each egg placing. The next step is to plant your seeds in their individual spaces, place everything on the cookie sheet next to a window with a lot of sunshine. Don’t forget to water!!

Also, make sure to clear any extra leaves, that may have survived from last fall, from your flower beds. Begin to water the soil and add any nutrients that the area may need on top. If you let your annuals root early they will be better off in the long run!

2. Patio Furniture TreatmentLet’s face it patio furniture isn’t cheap. We recommend protecting your investment by treating it with a weather protectant conducive to the material of your furniture. It doesn’t happen right away, but sun damage is a sneaky devil.

3. And, don’t forget those pesky cleaning projectsWe get it, we are nesters too! It was a cold winter and we found ourselves way too comfortable inside nestled in. But, we like to get ahead. The last thing you want to do is HAVE to get to those projects once it’s too hot.

4. HVAC service!The very last thing ANY family needs on a hot summer day is for the A/C to go. We tremble at just the thought – so make sure your filters are clean, check the coils, check for leaks, and be sure that it’s ready to run cool.

We hope this was helpful and wish you all the luck as we get ready for suntans and family time.

Cheers to you, the flowers, and the bees. Cheers to cold summer nights and cold drinks.

From our family to yours – Happy Spring!

katie bawden

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