How to survive Quarantine

How to survive Quarantine

The grass is always greener, as so many of us dreamed of the days when we would be with our families, have more time to do activities that fuel our soul, and cook those meals we have made promises to cook. And now, we not only have this time collectively – for the betterment of our health and our families’ health, but we are FORCED to stay home!

But, it does not have to be so dark and gloomy. Let’s challenge ourselves and our families to take what time we do have and to make the best of it!

First step, making it work for you. There are so many opinions on what we should or should not be doing at home during this outbreak. Instead of listening to them and feeling lesser than let’s throw all of those opinions and judgments out the window, where they belong. Make this time work for you and your families. Focus on what makes you happy, alter your home, your mindset, and your daily routine to reflect that.

– Rearrange your furniture, your living room could now become the at-home theater! The spare room could be a library or creative space, and the kitchen is now your very own pretend-cooking show.
– Declutter your home. Face it we have no idea how long this will last, but let’s not do it with unnecessary junk, and what better time to do some spring cleaning.
– If you don’t own it buy it. Now don’t go crazy. We simply mean if you have been wanting to read that book you don’t own yet or start up a new hobby – get the basics and get started!

It is important to remember that during this time to not expect too much out of yourself. This is a time and space to be forgiving to yourself and to others. Stress is a huge contributor to fatigue. So if you find yourself exhausted, sleep. If you are hungry, eat. Your energy will restore and at that time you can then focus and do what it is you want to do.

Activities to keep you busy:

– Puzzles are time-consuming and fun! Get everyone involved
– Check-in with family and friends. What a great time to check back in with people and strengthen your relationships.
– Game Night, remember TGIF. Let’s bring it back. Games are so much fun and more importantly, they keep your mind busy.
– Take a scenic drive. At some point, you will get an itch to leave, so scratch it before you find yourself going crazy. Load the car up with snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic), and go for a drive to Lake Tahoe or do a drive-by visit with family and friends.

There are so many things we can be doing aside from panicking and stressing yourself out. So let’s get going!

katie bawden

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