Sell your investment?

Do you have an investment property?  With low inventory and a strong market do you want to make some money?  Now is the time to


Happy New Year to you and your families. New Year affirmations are the best in our opinions, we get to start fresh and everything is

What a few months

Social distancing, yes.  Emotional distancing, maybe not so much…  What a few months it has been in light of this pandemic. As we have all

How to survive Quarantine

How to survive Quarantine The grass is always greener, as so many of us dreamed of the days when we would be with our families,

What would you do with $2,899?

In 2018, the IRS issued over 100 million refunds averaging that amount. That’s about 70% of you. So what do most Americans do with it?

Happy Thanksgiving

If you’re like most shoppers around the holidays, Thanksgiving marks day one of a month-long panic attack induced by the PTSD we had from last